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Dr. Luz is a licensed by the state of Michigan as a Psychologist and a Marriage and Family Therapist. He began his private practice in the late 1980’s, providing psychological services to individuals, couples and families. Prior to establishing his private practice, Dr. Luz worked at a community agency and in a hospital-based clinic specializing in the treatment of marital conflict and sexual dysfunction. He continues to enhance his extensive and diverse professional experience by seeking new learning experiences. These include attending professional conferences, reading professional journal articles and books that address the various issues his patients bring to the therapeutic process.

Dr. Luz actively participates in organizations that promote professional standards and development. He has served on committees and assumed leadership positions in the Michigan Psychological Association and the Michigan Division of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and has been recognized for his contributions to both organizations. He strongly supports efforts that maintain and improve services offered by psychology practitioners. Articles he has authored appear on the Michigan Psychological Association Foundation webpage. He is currently working with a committee of psychologists to educate the general public regarding the connection between mind and body.

Dr. Luz also volunteers his time in his own community as well as the world community. He has lead support groups for unemployed persons, participated in projects to upgrade living quarters for developmentally disabled persons, participated in green projects in his local community, and is involved in various Kiva projects in support of fledgling businesses in Africa and Asia.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a significant focus of Dr. Luz’s professional and personal life. He values the input of the physicians he regularly consults and strives for “healthy living.” He promotes good health practices for all of his patients and provides support to those who may need to change unhealthy habits in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. His article entitled Changing Health Behavior can be found at

Dr. Luz’s work is focused on assisting his patients to make positive changes in their lives. He is currently very interested in and energized by the new science of positive psychology. Positive psychology is the study of human strengths, or what we might describe as “what is good in us as humans”. Its focus is to alert us to the positive ways of thinking and behaving that bring happiness, life satisfaction, well-being and improved health.