Art Luz, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Excessive anxiety is a discomfort that permeates the whole self. Thinking becomes constrained and preoccupied with possible harm or catastrophe. Body sensations become unpleasant and may include flushed face, sweating, dry mouth, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, rapid heart beat, a feeling of a pit in the bottom of the stomach, and cold hands and feet. The uneasiness can lead some people to a hospital emergency room believing a serious medical event is occurring. For others, the anxiety may be tied to specific objects like dogs, places like elevators, to social experiences or to anticipated future problems related to things like health or finances.

Anxiety has its benefits when it forces us to be safe in dangerous situations like driving down a slick road or to appropriately prepare for future events, like studying for an exam. Without anxiety we would be unsafe. With excessive anxiety, sleep becomes difficult, withdrawal or avoidance of situations/people/places occurs, concentration and performance is diminished. Dr. Luz addresses these concerns with an active, present day approach that challenges catastrophic predictions, enhances the calming capacity we all have and fosters courage to face life challenges head on.


Depression hurts. It is a debilitating experience that can leave a person feeling like they have lost their self. Like a heavy weight being dragged around, depression leaves a person without energy or “get up and go.” The heaviness is often accompanied by deep sadness, sometimes crying and a pattern of negative thinking about self, the future and even the world. Thoughts become so dark that it is hard to think of anything positive or to concentrate on even simple tasks. Appetite is either lost with no pleasure in food or sometimes eating becomes excessive in a futile attempt to feel good, if only for a short time. Insomnia may complicate the lack of energy. Loss of interest in those aspects that bring satisfaction in life and relationships with loved ones, friends and co-workers suffer.

Depression is real. Its not just in the head. It permeates the body, mind and soul of the individual who is suffering. Dr. Luz utilizes an active, present oriented approach in addressing the multitude of depressive symptoms focusing on changing thinking patterns and behavior. By mobilizing the healthy capacities of the individual, Dr. Luz seeks to enhance more realistic and hopeful thinking, increased energy, enjoyment of life, restful sleep and renewed vigor in social relations and all that life has to offer. Dr. Luz also utilizes the assistance of family members in the treatment process and physicians when the need for medication is required.

An assessment tool for depression is available at On this same web site an article Dr. Luz wrote about the relationship of depression to cardiovascular disease is available. An second article by Dr. Luz entitled, Beyond Depression, is also available outlining the character strengths that promote psychological health and well-being.