Art Luz, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Sexual Dissatisfaction

Satisfaction with sex is not simple. It is a complex process that involves a number of factors. Most important for couples is the quality of the relationship between partners. If a relationship doesn’t have a preponderance of positive emotional exchanges common to good relationships, sexual interest for one or both partners is likely to suffer. There are other reasons for a lack of interest in sex. A history of sexual abuse even in a good relationship may diminish interest. Sex may be tinged with negative emotions of fear, anger or disgust. Beyond a lack of interest, finding desire in pleasant sensations associated with sexual arousal can be a problem for some. The mind might be interested but the body is not cooperating. If the problem is significant it could disrupt the normal physiological processes that encourage good genital functioning. Frustration, dissatisfaction and withdrawal may result. Repeated frustrating experiences may contribute to disinterest.

Dr. Luz views sexual functioning as an integrated experience of mind, body and heart. Each case is evaluated and treated holistically including consideration of physical factors, general health, psychological functioning and relationship factors. Partners are included whenever possible. The goal is to optimize sexual satisfaction consistent with an individual’s physical, emotional and relationship health.

Dr. Luz has made professional presentations on sex and marital therapy at numerous institutions including Lafayette Clinic, Detroit Psychiatric Clinic, Sinai Hospital, Oakwood Hospital, Macomb Bi-County Hospital and Beaumont Hospital. He has trained with leaders in the field including Master’s and Johnson, Joe LoPiccolo, Ph.D. and David Schnarch, Ph.D., author of Passionate Marriage.