Art Luz, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Child and Adolescent Problems

Child problems emerge in one of the main social spheres of living including school, family, or social relations. School difficulties often involve problems being productive in school, getting homework done, difficulty focusing in class, and disruptive behavior in the classroom. Family conflict between parent and child often centers around compliance with chores, rules, behavior and the regulation of emotion. Socially children and adolescents may struggle with difficulty making and keeping friends, understanding social behavior or poor choice in making friends. Of course, many of the problems children face cross the different life spheres. 

Adolescents often struggle in preparing themselves for the adult world. At times, it revolves around school performance as college or work is on the horizon. For many, its managing the confusion, questions and challenges of social relations. For most all, its working in the direction of achieving independence from parents while still needing their direction and support.

Dr. Luz approaches problems with children and adolescents from a family and community focused approach. This orientation includes an assessment and involvement of all individuals involved in the child’s life including parents, siblings, school teachers/counselors/social workers, and others the child is involved with in the community---religious leaders, scout leaders, physicians, etc. Because parents have a perspective on their child and the problems he or she is facing, Dr. Luz usually begins with an initial assessment of concerns with the parents. Based on this initial review, Dr. Luz develops a plan for further assessment to include sessions with a child alone, family sessions, and consultation with important individuals in the child’s life. Sometimes sessions with a child involves testing of cognitive abilities, school achievement or personality. Upon completion of the assessment, Dr. Luz outlines a course of therapy to address the child’s problems with parent and the child. Ongoing sessions are focused on problem areas in a specific manner to enhance development of cognitive, behavioral and emotional skills.